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World's Only Chicken Taco Page
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December, 2005 was the 18th year of Fun, Friends & Family during the Holidays - Watch as we grow older
(It's kinda like "Meet the Fockers - part II")

It also looks like 2005 was the LAST YEAR for Chicken Tacos as we knew it.  The gang is kind of splitting up and it just is too much work every year.  So, starting in 2006 we'll do a reduced Chicken Taco with family and maybe a smaller group of friends.  Good Luck to all and thanks for the memories.  It was a great run.


Michelle Magulski's 2007 group
(L-R) Bob Bolda, Nancy LaMonte, Jeff Holzhauer, Trish Holzhauer, Michelle Magulski, Barb Tsoris, John Tsoris, Elissa Perez, Pat Perez


    Magulski (454172 bytes)


2005 - Dinner time - no flash - no Don


    (2065428 bytes)








2005 - Is there a more helpful son-in-law?

2005taco4.JPG (917837 bytes)










2005 - Dinner time - Quick, Donny babe, Run back

2005taco7.JPG (944197 bytes)



2005 - Christopher and (little) Matt Man

2005tacomagoo.JPG (955048 bytes)











2005 - Dinner time - everyone - Thanks to Don+Joe for all the pics through the years

2005taco3.JPG (996098 bytes)


2005 - Taco Guy - retired

2005tacomaster.JPG (809454 bytes)















2005 - group
Seems Chris, Michelle and the kids didn't make it.

2005taco5.JPG (995540 bytes)


2004 - group
Where is Chris, Michelle and Tony?


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2004 - Sheila
What does her hubby call her Sleepy?? Joweena


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2004 - kids Derek, Tony, Matt
Will they be serving tacos in 20 years ??


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2004 - ME
Does everyone think they look stupid in pictures, or does it just come naturally to me?


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2004 - Don & Lisa
Don finds out steroid testing will be necessary prior to next year's party, or he just got his daughter's tuition bill...

2004 Nancy/Denny











2004 - Carol & Nancy
I think Carol likes 'em

2004 - Chris Hoppe












2003 - Denny & Nancy   Ohh Fudge

2003 - Why always something on my head?

Lisa wearing flowers on head











2003 - 3 martinis please !

2003 - Honey... I wanted one of those

I love Uncle Don & Aunt Lisa











2003 - Aaawww - young lovers - Aaaawww

2003 - Aaawww - some.. ahhh.... other lovers

2003 - Aaawww - some.. ahhh.... more...









2003 - A Great Group picture!  
















2003 - Chris & Michelle & Lisa & Pumpkin, errrr, Sheila

2003 - Denny & Nancy & Carol.....
Carol!  Wake-up!  We're playing your fav - Trivial Pursuit!












2003 - Joe shows excitement while Bob explains how to make a taco WITHOUT lettuce.

2003 - Matt says I've got to wash all these???













2003 - That's what I call fine dining

2002 - Bob is in bathroom, searching for the words "lettuce" in recipe












2002 -
Left to right - Michelle, Carol, Brenda, Nancy, & Lisa


2002 - You know what martinis do to Carol.



2002 - Eating & Joking - (Chris & Michelle are happy)

2002 - Joe reacts to Viagra planted in guacamole



In kitchen 2001 - Lisa's Dip


    (165516 bytes)


Everyone 2001

Chris Hoppe, Don, Lisa, Denny, Nancy, Bob, Chris Magulski, Larisa, Michelle, Sheila (Lucy under table).


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2001 - discussing world issues


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Chris & Chris Jr. (Tony)- 1999




Out-of-towners - 1999


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1998 Out-of-towners


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Bob, Chris & Chris Jr. (Tony)- 1998

taco1998christony.jpg (165516 bytes)

1998 Out-of-towners

taco11cs.jpg (161386























Remember the tradition is to toast WHO you received the recipe from BEFORE dining

  • Boil 8 chicken breasts in onions, spices, salt and pepper until meat falls off bones
  • Bake chicken chunks in fry pan w/butter (optional)
  • Put chicken chunks in warmed corn tortilla shells, wrap, dash of hot sauce (optional), insert toothpicks to retain shape.
  • Fry tortillas in frying pan, about 1/2" of oil. Top with guacamole, grated monterrey jack cheese and cut up black olives.
  • Serve on bed of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, top w/ italian dressing (optional for those who aren't browsers)
  • Guacamole
  • Put 1 jar of 16oz. El Paso type (mild) taco sauce in a blender, add 5-6 peeled/pitted avacados, 1 peeled/chopped onion, 2 tsp. lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic(powder).




Video - 1997


Highlights - suggestions requested

2004 - What does Bob's date do after dinner? - wash dishes. After asking 3 times to join the group, Bob turns water off in basement. House gift? Tea lights.  1st              time in 17 years, group doesn't play games.   
2003 - Bob turns up the heat - tacos are better... And man, there are presents around for everyone.  What friends!!!!
2002 - Nancy wins "the Best" Fudge, Michelle wins "the Best" Pecan/Ladyfinger? cookies, Lisa wins "the Best" Cheese Dip (what's it called?)
            and Bob decides to make oil hotter next year to make'em crispier - To hell with the mess! (as Don Quixote would say)
2001 - Splurge!! - one bottle of Dom Perignon 1993 is shared by all - mild -  plus a magnum of Heinekens, and Chris M. opens another keg-Becks
            games?  We tried Password.
2000 - Nothing unusual happens.... very unusual
1999 - Don tries his new Family Feud game - Dud
1998 - Denny is on time - Bob tries "Men are from Mars.. Women from Venus" game - Dud
1997 - Chris Magulski opens beer tapper and coats kitchen ceiling with Munich brew
1996 - Joe finds spores growing in coffee grounds.  Seems like last time coffee was made was prior year's event.
1996? - While playing Scruples, Bob is only one who believes Chris M. would stop to help a fallen runner rather than win the marathon.
1995? - Lisa's nacho dip explodes in microwave
1995? - Lisa & Don's chocolate gift is placed too close to car heater on trip
1994? - Donna Pearce & Michelle Magulski discuss world issues
1990? - Chris Hoppe first meeting with the gang, opens the door to everyone wearing B&B system name tags singing "Bob Bob Bob, Bob Bobaranne" (melody of Ba Ba Ba, Ba BarbraAnne by the Beach Boys) and drinking champagne


What others have said:
"Best party ever - I think" Don S.
"The only place I know with aged coffee" Joe R.
"We had nothing else planned" Lisa S.
"Bob is the ultimate host" Bob B.
"Where is the lettuce?" Joe R.
"Nothing could have stopped us...except a better offer." Sheila H.
"Couldn't ask for more. I know, because I tried three times." Don S.
"I didn't expect much, and I wasn't disappointed." Tom W.
"How old is the beer?" Dave Pearce
"Who cares about beer, where's the olives." Carol R.
"I'm coming back next year... I have to, he's my dad" Sheila H.
"It's the only time I see the place clean." Anonymous
"Worth the trip. We were visiting relatives nearby anyway" Chris H.
"Clears me out like nothing else." Dennis D.
"Don't ever change the dessert" Chris M.
"Hey, it's a free meal, you won't hear me complaining." Jim B.
"The only meal I've had at Bob's where the food, at least guacamole, was supposed to be green." Paul S.
"I keep trusting Bob, he keeps saying next year will be better." Tim R.
"I wish he didn't owe me money, then I wouldn't feel obligated." Mike S.
"I don't know how he does it, we moved 3 times, didn't tell him, and still get invited." Donna P.


Matt will hate this when he is a teenager 1996

taco1996matt.JPG (16612 bytes)









1996 & Lisa is in love w/photographer


    (21921 bytes)

In-Towners 1996
Denny is thinking about a mathematical formula... or sleeping
taco19962.JPG (23535 bytes)


Gang is smiling 1996   - Matt.... Smile!!!


    (28178 bytes)

Chris Hoppe, Bonnie, Tom Wiesmueller,Matthew Hoppe - 1992?
taco7s.jpg (156045 bytes)


Out of towners - 1999

Out of towners - 1999


Out of towners - 2000

Out of towners - 2000


table runner on head 2000

In towners - 2000


Out-of-Towners 1994

taco1994sm.jpg (32045



The Pearce's, Carol, Sandy(?) - 1991 (?)

Dave Pearce, Joe's Daughter, me, Donna, Lisa, Joe, Sheila - 1991 (?)



You can E-Mail these members of the elite Chicken Taco group:
(the nicest people in the world)
Click on name to start your e-mail program, and e-mail address (or name from your address book) will be filled in for you

Chris & Sheila (The Little chicken and cook)

Out-of-Towners (2nd Saturday in December)
Don & Lisa Svoboda (always brings dip - no, not her husband)
Denny and Nancy Dartsch   (always brings memories)
Chris and Michelle Magulski   (always helps marathon runners)
Joe and Carol Ringeisen   (always brings lettuce)
Mike Schneidler
Dave Pearce   (members in abstentia - Dallas, TX)

In-Towners (3rd Saturday in December)
Paul and Holly Smith (always brings appetite)
Tim and Dawn Riordan (always brings pig roast invite, good stories and cheatsheet)
Jim and Sandy Bouman (always wins the games - should be on Jeopardy)
Tom and Bonnie Wiesmueller (always brings laughs and inspiration)


* Thanks for your sponsorships while we bowled for Crohn's & Colitis.



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